Theatre of masks and the new normal

Pierrot lands in a theatre of masks
THEATRE OF MASKS – Oil on canvas, 122 x 168cm

Watteau’s eighteenth century Pierrot is surprised to find himself on a twenty first century stage. He is dressed for a performance of Theatre of Masks in a public park. His surprise and astonishment at what has come to pass is echoed by the other players. In the Comedia dell’Arte Pierrot is the childlike innocent, as innocent as the others who are trying to protect themselves from an invisible threat whilst getting on with their lives. The surreal has become the new normal.

DOGS – Ink drawing on paper, 42 x 58cm

The setting for this piece of theatre is inspired by an earlier pen and ink hatched drawing of two willow trees. A pair of dogs frolick in a field where I used to go for my daily walk in the Pewsey Vale.